OJDA is a nonprofit professional organization which promotes prevention and treatment options for juveniles and their families. Members provide informal/unofficial services that reduce the risk of future official/formal involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Training and Support - Community Collaboration

Diversion is an informal/unofficial process expected to preclude further involvement in the juvenile justice system. OJDA members manage or coordinate programs which offer constructive alternatives to traditional sanctions imposed in formal/official court procedures. Diversion programs stress positive values, personal responsibility, and achievement. Youth in diversion programs are offered a variety of program options with the goal of learning to cope with stressors and temptations through better decision-making. They are accountable but may avert formal charges.

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November 21, 2014

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A Maze of Problems and Possibilities

Youth subject to pending charges in juvenile court face a maze of problems that complicate their lives. Those problems distract them from learning socially acceptable behavior in their families, schools, and communities. OJDA members face a maze of services and options from which to build plans that best encourage wholesome development. Members share insights and innovative approaches to serving youth and their families while preserving public safety. They explore possibilities that might best be adapted to their own courts and communities.

Training and Support

In order to assure easy access for counties around the state, OJDA meets quarterly in a central location. OJDA members receive training in treatment options for courts and communities. Guest speakers present topics of interest, and members network regarding common issues. They share management tools and techniques that work in a variety of programs for many communities.

Community Collaboration

OJDA members promote teamwork with family- and child-focused agencies and systems. They build community assets to counter problems confronting youth and their families.


Established in 1997, OJDA is a nonprofit corporation certified by the Ohio Secretary of State.


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